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Posted by: Anonymous Coward on April 12, 2002 06:46 AM
Yes. Just because software is under the GPL does not mean you can't sell it. You can act like Caldera ans bundle the GPLed parts with non-GPLed parts and licence the whole package any way you wish (such as a per-seat licence).

If requested you have to provide source in a usable form and for moderate or no cost to the GPLed parts only. (Other licences may have similar terms.)

Example: If you make changes to parts of the Linux kernel, you can sell that to a customer.

1. If the customer never asks for the source, you are not obligated to give it to anyone else.

2. If the customer does ask for the source to the changes, you are required to turn over the source.

3. If the customer decides to give it away or sell your source changes to another company, they can -- even over your objections. They, though, are also obligated to follow the GPL.


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