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The GPL doesn't work that way

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on April 12, 2002 06:19 AM
You can use GPled code as much as you like without ever making your code public, so long as you do not distribute your derivative work.

In a limited beta, it could be argued that a work is still an in-house software since all the beta testers are technically employees of the company. Thus they are not 're-distributing' the GPLed code.

This said, I believe Lindows isn't helping their case by being so mysterious ..
I advance the following scenario which might explain their position:
- you are writing application X, which currently uses GPL library Y, but for which you eventually intend to use commercial library W which is not available yet. You want to test your code, but since the ultimate goal is to be commercial, you don't want to distribute it.

What do you do? I understand the position of Lindows but conclude that the longer they hold out on giving out the source, the more people are going to get suspicious-- and it will be because, regardless of whether they are legally in the right, they are not following established practice with Linux distributions.


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