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Posted by: Anonymous Coward on April 12, 2002 04:45 AM
Yes he hasn't gone gold but he has charged for and distributed the CD thereby making money off of code that should be given back to the comunity who wrote most of it. I don't object to making money off of Linux as long as one follows the rules and with that being said I support companies like Ximian, Mandrake, Red-Hat, Codeweavers and the Kompany. The Kompany doesn't want to use the GPL anymore and I support them in choosing any licence they feel fit, however they play by the rules and distribute source for all GPL'ed software they produce. I support IBM, Checkpoint, Sun and Veritas which makes many closed source products that run on top of Linux. These are type of companies that will push Linux forward in the future. These are the type of companies that will make sure Linux works as a buisness model. If a company can't take critisism, if they arn't willing to be part of the ecosystem, then they shouldn't be there. So far what I have seen from Lindows is a bunch of huffing and puffing about MS and beta products that have been subpar compaired to production product from the likes of Codeweavers. Linux doesn't need more hype and thats all I see Lindows as.


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