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Posted by: zangdesign on April 12, 2002 02:48 AM
First, IBM is not a Linux company - they use Linux, they provide updates and patches, but they are not a Linux company by any means. Linux is merely one of the operating systems that runs on their main- and mini-frame hardware options.

As for the Lindows code, give the guy a chance - the product hasn't gone gold yet. If they choose to withhold the code until the release of the entire package, how does that harm the Linux community?

By using a product that already has momentum, Lindows is following the safe path for development, which might ensure a higher rate of return than a blue-sky project. It is not a guarantee, but at least it's more than some companies have started out with.

What I see in your comments is someone that doesn't really want Lindows to succeed financially, or in fact at all. The GPL is a great social tool, but it doesn't feed the family, except in increasingly rare instances.

Get off your high horse.


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