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Posted by: Anonymous Coward on April 12, 2002 02:34 AM
For the record, i have posted a couple of Lindows-friendly comments here before...

Listen - do you want to Linux to succeed on the desktop or not? Then stop harassing the brave few who tries. There is absolutely no reason not to expect that they will release the code when they release their product for the general public, and in the mean time they have already contributed millions worth of free software code.

This kind of bickering contributes to a negative perception of a company who needs position self to make for a larger penetration of Linux software. These things spread to the mainstream press, and from the mainstream press to the consumers and investors.

You don't like a dumbed down installation process or logging in as root? Then don't use it. But don't shoot an effort to spread Linux to a wider segment in the foot.

I'd like to go over the line here for once, and say that this narrow-minded geek mentality is a display of such an incredible lack of practical judgement and of plain idiocy.

If Linux doesn't have 40% marketshare on the desktop in four years, as it should have on its technical merits - Microsoft is not going to be the one to blame.


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